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A commissioned and award-winning composer in her own right, Cheryl is accomplished in the art of music notation – or engraving – in a wide variety of musical styles and formats. She uses the software program Finale®, the industry standard, and printouts are available in 600 dpi format or as a PDF file for electronic transmission via email or storage media. This copy is then suitable for submission for contests or publication, or may be photocopied as single pages or books suitable for self-distribution. The finished copy is also available in XML format for importing directly into other music programs, or in various graphics formats for inclusion in word processing or desktop publishing programs.

Prices will vary slightly due to the complexity of the work, and all work will be performed from a photocopy only – no originals. S & D Music Studio is not responsible for any copyright infringements, nor for procuring rights for duplication. One draft/proofreading copy and one final copy is included in the price, and additional drafts will be charged at 20% each. Generally, one week minimum is required for most projects, otherwise accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Arranging, transcribing and proofreading rates will be negotiated on an hourly basis. Preferred payment is by personal or cashier's check, made out to S & D Music Studio; or, for an additional handling fee, online payment through PayPal Invoicing is available; and cash is also accepted.

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Music Scores

Average Rates – per measure:

  • Single Instrumental Line (with or without chord letters/symbols/frets): $.50

  • Single Vocal Line (with or without chord letters/ symbols/frets): $.60

  • Piano Score: $.70 to $.80

  • Instrumental (single line) with Piano: $.80 to $.90

  • Multiple Vocal Lines: $.80  to $.90

  • Vocal (single line) with Piano: $.90

  • Instrumental (multiple lines) with Piano: $.90

  • Vocal (multiple lines) with Piano: $1.00 to $1.50

  • Instrumental Ensembles: $1.00 to $1.50

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